Bossy hubby part 2

But what do I say or do when he tells me to do something I dont want to do? If I dont “do as he says” he will just keep repeating the request. How do I tell him I am not going to do as you ask without he or I getting pissed? He is used to giving orders. He brings his work attitude home, plus I am the stay at home person, he is the work outside of the home person. ” we need to get the air conditioner checked this week” means…get the air conditioner checked this week and I will nag you
until you do it. I get frustrated because either I dont agree or I am not wanting to be on his timeline. This is more about how to say…you do it! But, when I do that he reminds me how hard he works and I am the person who cares for the home. Division of labor, he calls it. This is a daily issue for me. I can change my thoughts to not feel as pissed but that doesnt change my situation. Suggestions?