I love skincare and often receive compliments on my skin. One time, a close friend asked if I had gotten Botox because my forehead looked so smooth. I had never gotten Botox and told her I would never get it. I know friends who have gotten it, but I never saw myself as someone who would. I thought about it for months and decided to get Botox for prevention. I loved my results (the change was only noticeable to me) and it felt empowering to do this. It felt like self-care. I would consider getting it again.

My brain wants to accuse me of going back on my word to my friend, that I would never get Botox. If she knew, I know, for a fact, that she would be surprised and cast judgment. I don’t plan on telling her, but if she ever asks again, I don’t want to lie. Should I decide ahead of time what I want to do in that scenario or am I creating unnecessary drama for myself?

I’ve also been able to redirect the thought from “I went back on my word” to “I changed my mind, and that’s okay.” I believe the new thought. I still don’t want to tell my friend, and I like my reason for it. I don’t, however, want to lie if she asked if I had gotten Botox.

Is there another way to see this?