Just listened to the podcast on boundaries. I work out with a trainer in my house. She is great except that she talks alot and i find it very distracting. I know the obvious answer is to ask her to stop talking but when ive done that in the past with other trainers they dont respond well and it makes for an awkward silence.
Also after listening to this podcast it makes sense because i would be trying to control her. So what ive been doing is letting her talk and i just dont engage. If she asks me some mundane questions about the color of my socks i answer with one word rather that explaining….oh yeah i got them at such and such.
Im finding it works better but It is still a bit distracting when she talks and then even odder when i dont answer. I really want to just work out but i really like her and also dont want to give “a big speech” lecturing like i would normally do…..Any other way i can approach it?thank u