Dear Brooke, I need directions in my thinking – I am married and my husband verbally abuses me on regular ( daily ) basis, reasons vary , he is not working, sitting in his own “dirty diaper”, blows up every given moment – everything is my fault according to him, but as I learn here – I can not control him or anyone, only myself.
I am having difficulties finding thoughts that I can believe in , as much as I love feeling of being in love or just to love, I can not find any thoughts, I want out of relationship and that is what I do the best – wait wait wait, then leave. this is my second marriage .
Yesterday, somebody who I used to be closed with , had a fling , reached out to me, we always had a very interesting bond, immediately I had a feeling of love and started to see a “way out”, this person is a complete opposite of my husband, we can talk for hours, laugh, etc…
Whatever I decide to do in future, I want it to be from absolute happiness, and love. in your podcast, which I listen on repeat, “unconditional love” you have so much , and I can not grasp it yet. Please, help