Boundaries around Boss

I find myself in the same position in so many circumstances where I think that I have no boundaries with my two bosses and I need help on the unintentional and intentional model.

C – I have a job.
T – Always think I need to prove myself
F – Inadequate, unworthy, lack of self confidence
A – I answer their occasional evening and weekend emails, even when they’re not urgent and make myself too available.
R – I make the wrong judgment calls, I overdo it and apologize too much. (Not sure about this one, but it always seems like the “no good deed goes unpunished” saying perfectly applies. Somehow many times I end up doing what they don’t approve of or they question my judgment or talk down to me. )

I end up banging my head against the wall in wondering what I need to do to live in self confidence because every model seems like it leads me to feelings of inadequacy and lack of self confidence. I notice that I laugh or smile too much around them, even in unfunny situations. They are smart, accomplished women and when I learned about the life coach school and what’s possible for me I am beginning to see them and my job through a different lens. Here is the intentional model I came up with. Thoughts?

C – I have a job.
T – I am smart, doing the best at my job and they are lucky to have me (Is this correct?)
F – Self Confident, Worthy
A – Set boundaries and don’t laugh or smile out of nervousness or intimidation
R – Owners trust and respect my decisions/input