Boundary clarification for upcoming in law visit

Hello, I’d like some help creating boundaries for an upcoming visit with my sister in law. I want to make sure I’m not going into the “Manual” with my boundaries.

My Unintentional Model is:
C sister in law
T I’m not looking forward to seeing her.
F annoyed
A judge her, mentally complain about having to visit
R I don’t enjoy how I show up during the visit

Intentional Model
C sister in law
T My only job is to love her humanity
F compassionate
A laugh with her, help her out while I’m there, listen while she complains remembering that she hasn’t discovered the Model yet, remember that she has helped her brother in the past when he needed someone
R I love all the humans

Boundaries I’m going to take with me during the visit:
If she asks me questions that are too personal, then I will answer with a giggle “oh I can’t answer that – those are state secrets”
If she speaks negatively about her brother (my husband) while he’s not there, I will excuse myself and leave the conversation.
If she speaks negatively about her brother while other people are there, I will say “I’m not sure who you’re talking about because he’s one of the most incredible, wonderful humans I know”
If she complains about her finances and asks to borrow money, I will say “no my money is tied up in reinvesting in my business.”
If she continually offers me food, I will thank her and remind her that I’m committed to my eating protocol.

Thank you for checking on my boundaries and Models for this visit!