Boundary or New Thought?

Hi Brooke:

I’m still puzzled with whether a situation requires a boundary vs creating a new thought. How do you know when one is appropriate over the other?

You gave the example in one of your podcasts about your MIL (or was it your mother?) wanting to come to your son’s soccer game. You decided to set a boundary, but could you not have changed your thought to

My MIL loves my children
It’s great to have a MIL that is so involved
I’m so lucky that my MIL supports my kids’ activities
etc etc

When do you know which one is right to choose? I feel like many/most situations could simply require that you change your thought about it, but very few (except for abuse as an example) require a boundary.

I’d love any insights you have to help clarify this for me, I feel very confused about what the line between the two are. Thanks!