Boundary or Manual ???

In working with a practice client the other day we worked the following model. She had been in conversation with a new acquaintance and they were discussion what goals they had for 2020. My client shared that she wanted to eat healthier, work out more and lose some weight.
C – New friend said “don’t lose too much weight…well maybe five pounds or so.”
T – That wasn’t really appropriate.
F – Insulted
A – laughed it off, didn’t make any reply or comment.
R – ???
What would be the result in this case? It doesn’t really seem like a boundary violation though I’m not sure and told her I would follow-up here for more perspective and insight. Looking forward to gaining a better understanding of how to work with something like this.
We did explore whether she (the client) feels she needs to lose weight and she does believe she needs to.
Thank you…