Boundary Violation

Today was valentine’s day and I didn’t meet my boyfriend today, he traveled yesterday. So… I was a little bit upset that I woulndn’t get to meet him, I worked with that emotion and really realized that there’s nothing wrong with it. The thing is, he got really drunk in a bar and started calling me at midnight, I didn’t pick up the phone at the time and just saw the callings a couple minutes after. I texted him asking if everything was ok. He said he just wanna me to talk to a friend of him, for no especial reason, and asked me to wait for 5 minutes because he was going to call me, so he calls me 30 minutes after. Just before he got out to the bar I was talking to him and said that I was gonna sleep early because I had a lot to do tomorrow morning. A lot of little things like this happened that day and I end up felling kind of angry towards him, a did a lot os Thought Download and worked on a lot od limitating beliefs. So, my question is: would that really be a boudary violation or maybe me wanting to set a boundary is just a way of reacting to a negative emotion (angry)? I wasn’t at my best when he called me, so he said he was sorry and I end up feeling guilt and thinking I’m trying to manipulate him, although yet I don’t choose to think what he did was very nice.
Thanks for spending time reading this, any insights would be amazing !
Love your work!