I get obsessed with my boyfriend. I just want to text him all the time and I love him. I just feel happy and love when I text him. I just find it fun.
He’s a nice guy. He texts me back and loves me.

But whenever we don’t text in our usual time or it’s been a while that we haven’t texted, then I get upset and then I get mad and then I feel unloved for myself and him. And then I tell myself , “yeah, I shouldn’t have been in a committed relationship. I would rather be alone than feel unloved when we don’t text. I will only talk to my girl friends. That’s why I don’t like dating guys and being in a serious relationship. It’s always upsetting when I love someone and when I don’t feel like I am receiving it back. I feel like I should not have dated. I was so happy and carefree when I was not dating.”