boyfriend afraid to upset me so won’t share his thoughts and feelings

How do I support my boyfriend to get comfortable with sharing tricky thoughts and feelings? We are at a crossroads trying to decide if we both want the same things for the future. I can appreciate that this process is challenging for my boyfriend. He is a conflict avoider and he has told me that this is because he doesn’t want to upset me or is worried about how I might react to what he has to say. I have told him that he is making big assumptions about my possible response and that we can’t resolve our conflicts or mutual decisions to be made unless he opens up and that it’s ok if I get upset. I’m not a mind reader! I know that I can’t control his responses or behavior but I’d like to support him to be able to share more. Not knowing if he truly wants to keep building a life together or if he is just scared is driving me crazy. My mother always told me I would just know when the right guy came along. I feel like maybe I should walk away if he can’t talk things through but I love him, we have undeniable chemistry and very similar values.