Boyfriend Drama

Hi Coaches

I have an on and off boyfriend that I have a relationship with. We have had an extremely tumultuous time. He doesn’t get along with my family, and can be emotionally manipulative. This is the reason why I have left him over and over and over.

Recently, I have just gotten back together with him. He has made me huge promises that he will change, and that this time he is serious. I want to believe him, because I feel terribly lonely and sad without him. I do have a lot of fun with him and of course there are good parts. A part of me knows I can’t trust him, so when I am with him and he says these huge promises, I know that they will never happen. But a small part of me is clinging onto the hope that they will. He has already started to show and display the same behavior as he used to.

WHY CAN’T I JUST WALK AWAY AND BE DONE??? I feel like I have no self-respect because I keep going back.