boyfriend never says I love you

my boyfriend rarely tells me he loves me. we are long distance and I usually drive to see him for the weekend and he will go multiple weekends never saying it and I tell him I love him about 4-5 times per visit. I do not want to have a manual for him so I have not asked him to change, however, this bothers me. i have told him it bothers me without asking him to change. I have done models and him not telling me he loves me makes me feel like he doesn’t love me and doesn’t care about me and that he could take me or leave me and I feel insecure in the relationship. I want someone who is as invested in the relationship as I am and I want to be in a relationship with someone who loves me. it also concerns me that i have told him it bothers me and he does not seem to care. this indicates to me that he doesnt care about my feelings as i have expressed this hurts me and he cant even say it once a weekend? what do I do? i know the problem with how i feel is my thoughts but i am concerned about this relationship not being what i want. i don’t want to be with someone who does not love me