Boyfriend Question

I have an unintentional model I did about my boyfriend and I’d like some feedback for how to go about the intentional model

C: Boyfriend says daily things such as… he loves me so much, I’m his best friend
T: I feel like I’m blocking the love and don’t love him as much as he loves me
F: Concerned
– Always say “I love you too” but not really the one to initiate it
– Question if there’s something wrong with me because he’s so great and I “should” love him very much
– Get myself thinking about all the positives about him and shift my feelings to more love (which helps)
– Deflect or not allow myself to take in all his kind words
R: I am blocking myself from full permission to be loved.

I would like to really feel the same way as him and allow myself to take it all in but I also think I have some fear of it hurting my other commitments in life like my business if I just fully embrace this relationship and give it my all.