Boyfriend says words 2

4 year long distance relationship. Boyfriend said he is not feeling it.

Coach said: Gently re-directing your brain to the thoughts you WANT to think will be key as you move forward with intention.

I want to think that I stayed in this relationship this long because I care about my boyfriend and we have a real connection. I want to believe that I can think clearly about the reality of our relationship. The places where we match well, and the places where we don’t.

I want to believe that he cares about me and is doing his best at the moment. I believe that I am strong enough and self aware enough to leave this relationship if that is what I decide to do. I believe that I don’t have to be the one to leave first, but I can if I want to.

I want to believe that I can be happy and unhappy and still be myself. I believe that I am continuing to evolve in my awareness and the challenges in this relationship can help me grow. I believe I can learn to feel uncomfortable feelings with less judgement and practice being easier on myself and my boyfriend.

Coach asked: What will you choose to think on purpose with regard to yourself and your relationship that will create the result you most desire in your life?

I desire a loving, long-term monogamous relationship. I want to participate in a relationship based in trust, mutual respect, kindness, and spiritual growth. I want to be financially independent and secure. I want to believe in myself and my ability to thrive in or out of a romatic relationship. I want to believe that I can have a loving, lasting relationship, a job that pays me more than enough money, and amazing relationships with my family and friends all at the same time. I want to learn to love and trust myself to do what is best for me. I want to redefine freedom and relearn what brings me joy. I believe this will enable me to be a better partner and friend. I want to believe that I can have healthy boundaries within a romantic relationship.

Thanks for the coaching questions.