Boyfriend Support After Surgery


I had a surgery beginning of July and now I’m limited in my movements for one month.

I need help because I can’t move so all the everyday tasks need to be performed by someone else.

My boyfriend came to visit and I asked him to water the plants (3 of them in a flat – takes 1 minutes if you can walk), to do 2 washing machines (I already prepared them, he just needed to put them in the washing machines as I can’t bend) and to carry my meal on the table (the meal was already cooked but I could not carry it myself as I have crutches). He told me he is overwhelmed by everything I’m asking him…

I feel really disappointed because :

1. I hate asking for help – I’m usually really independent and never ask for help
2. I’m worried about the future together : I always do all of that usually and in addition cook, go grocery shopping, clean my flat and I never complain about it. My boyfriend lives with roommate and he never perform cleaning duties there. How will it be to live with someone who gets overwhelmed by so little effort ? Will he be able to help me if we have kids ?
3. Should I still ask him for help? Clearly this is too much for him so I feel a bit like seeing him less and ask other friends who don’t complain about helping out, what do you think?