Boyfriend that works a lot

My boyfriend spends almost all of his time at work or at his basketball team that he is coaching. When he isn’t, he is so tired that he needs to rest in front of the TV or to have a great party with friends. I live in his place and I work at home so I am always there for him in a way. But I feel so sad that he doesn’t really take quality time with me. We haven’t been in a restaurant both of us since six month. When I ask, he say “yes we’ll go, but later please, I’m so busy, sorry babe.” I don’t really now how to handle that. I really feel his love but when I look at that I am thinking that he can’t possibly be in love with me.

One unintentional model about that:
Haven’t been in a restaurant both of us since six month
He doesn’t really love me
Cry, doesn’t arrive to focus in my life, bad thoughts about me, every time we have five minutes together I’m not really cool, blaming him, not smiling, not joking with him
I don’t love myself

Haven’t been in a restaurant both of us since six month
I know he loves me anyway
I do my own stuff, I focus on my business, I focus on everything I want to do, we spend good time together when we see each other, because I’m relaxed, I am smiling, funny
I love myself and I love him

But I don’t believe on this second model, I mean even if I try and even if I feel his love, I feel so sad because of the first model and also because maybe it’s not the kind of relationship that I want and it makes me really sad. Any help?