My brain is a big jerk.

The other day on my way home from a nice vacation my brain started freaking out about ‘everything’ i haven’t done/ everything i was doing/had done

I had a nice vacation, didn’t over eat or even drink, woke up early and did my SCS stuff, meditation and stretching as I would at home before heading out for the day. I will admit I could have practiced my language learning more on the trip, since that is also important to me, but can’t so anything about that now… i did a bunch of shopping too but only bought things that i had been considering buying for a very long time. Etc etc.

And yet on the way home my brain started telling me that i shouldn’t have bought what i did. i should have focused more on my language learning than shopping for my wardrobe, i should have done this, that and the other thing. Chatter chatter chatter.
It basically was/is bullying me into feeling bad/sad. (My default feeling). It’s like ‘you’ve felt to good for too long, i’m not having this!’

Since being home my brain wants to find any reason to feel sad. It’s been trying to find anything to grab on to that will trigger being sad. Which when i let myself feel it i have a cry, which is fine but i definitely don’t want to stay home and cry all day. I’ve been trying not to listen to it but am having a hard time. Any suggestions?
Thank you!