Brain doesn’t like progress?

Hi Brooke: I posted about a week ago about procrastinating on a massive presentation I have coming up. Well, thanks to this month’s work, especially your video about calendaring, I finished the presentation well in advance of my goal, and sent it off to the A/V folks ahead of time (over-deliver!). And, most importantly, I’m finding myself living my intentional model of feeling calm, capable and committed. Where in the past, I have agonized/not slept/over-practiced and not been able to show up for my family in advance of big presentations, right now, four days ahead of time, I’m feeling pretty at ease. So … my brain is telling me that “the other shoe is about to drop” and that I’m actually not ready and that the presentation is going to be a disaster and that I should get worried and anxious and hyper-vigilant, etc. Is this just part of thought work actually working? Will my brain always want to come up with a new thing to worry about?! I’m trying not to believe myself when I hear these phrases. Trying to see my brain as a toddler. Can you give me some advice on this pushback when all evidence seems to be showing me that I AM ready, and that my daily work IS working?
C: Presentation
T: I feel good, but I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop
F: Worried in anticipation
A: Looking for reasons to worry
R: More worry

Intentional Model
C: Presentation
T: I’m totally ready
F: Excited, calm, capable
A: Practice one more time, then let go
R: Feel at ease, move on to other tasks