brain drama on food scarcity

– Hello I am working on overeating and staying on protocol. Last night I had this unintentional model running in my mind, where I was judging my thoughts:
– C: very hungry before meal, started eating and feeling pretty quickly filled up. thought appeared “I wont be able to finish all the food on the plan”. little by little ate almost all the food planned
– T: I am eating just because I am feeling justified to do so, because “it is on the plan so it is fun to have it”. But I should not eat mindfully, I should tune into my sensations.
– F: guilty
– A: keep eating feeling judged and guilty, stopped a bit (2 tablespoon of chicken, 1 of cheese) before the end of the planned
– R: 1 hour after the meal when these judgement and emotions damped down I discovered that I was actually still hungry
– what happened afterwards was that my brain stated wanting and wanting to go back and have more food, with the following model
– C: ate with guilt. Feeling not completely full 1 h after the meal
– T: I should have had it all. But now it is done, it is better if accept the imperfection of my meal and I don’t go back to correct it
– F: resistance
– A: allowing mind space for the toddler brain to scream
– R: didn’t sleep well at all, restless and food-related thoughts
– It would be very appreciated if you could offer me your point of view on this model. Thanks a lot