Brain Fatigue + Self Created Difficulty

First model:
C: Pressure in front forehead brain area, warmth on my forehead, slight dull headache, ache on face between eye brows, 5:02, been working today since 9:30/self coaching or using brain for work/results/value created tasks
T: My brain kinda hurts.
F: Dull
A: Take ibuprofen
A: Power through/continue working/allow the urge to rest
A: Don’t take a restful brain break
A: Use my brain energy and focus to try to self coach myself back to life (this might be a different model)
A: Take another prescribed adderall
A: Close the curtains in the room I’m journaling in because the sun’s too bright/wanting it to be darker because I have a sensitivity to light when my brain hurts
R: I allow the brain fatigue to be there + I continue with my day as planned.

Model on the model above:
C: Same sensations as above PLUS “I notice the feeling of dull because I’m thinking my brain hurts.”
T: I should just take it easy today.
F: Self-pity
A: Justify doing “easier” work (non-massive action work) that isn’t what is on my calendar for me to do today
A: Consider cancelling my coaching call tonight at 6:30 with my client
A: Consider skipping what’s on my calendar and taking a nap instead
A: Consider eating a snack/something that wasn’t on my plan for the day/misinterpret the brain fatigue for a hunger signal
A: Don’t bring my normal daytime excitement + energy to coaching call with client at 6:30 tonight
A: Allow the urge to tell her, “I’m having brain fatigue today, please excuse my sub-par coaching.”
R: I make it harder on myself (by negotiating what’s on my calendar, overthinking my brain fatigue and looking for excuses).

Those models on models are sneaky! Results never lie. Wanted to share this “added suffering” model for anyone who might also be experiencing brain fatigue and also making it worse and harder for themselves.