Brain Injury

Hi Brooke,
I want to touch base with you regarding dealing with health issues. In July you coached me live regarding my husband’s terminal illness. He is still living. Circumstances have not changed, I now have my own health challenges as I recently had a stroke, possibly brought on by my thoughts about my husband s situation. There has been a small bleed in my brain. My eyesight and perception has been effected. I am currently in hospital I havelearned to walk again and doing quite well apart from my vision and perception Reading is affected.I know brains can heal. Can you help me to use scholars in such a way that I can reprogram my thoughtsand heal my brain.Ray is still alive. . I would like live coaching again but I am not coping with the technology. Scs is about the brain so I figure you can help with this physical brain challenge. I don’t want to be a victim of this circumstanc e. Love
Marianne xxx
I see this as an opportunity to use your theories to great advantage.
Love Marianne xx