Brain is being very busy around the question "Is My Protocol Working"?

So I just started, having spent the last two months before joining scholars doing intermittent fasting, and no sugar, no grains, and being at a plateau. I changed my protocol to limit to two meals, no snacks, and also to limit my drinking quite a bit. I was drinking every day, and a lot on weekends, and my current drinking protocol is two drinks on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, giving plenty of time to allow urges.

Here is my question. I have been weighing myself since February, and have been stuck in the same range (163-167). I hadn’t seen 163 since February, and saw it this week. My initially reaction was “It’s working!”. Then my monkey brain started acting up. “It’s not working, you were 163 before, you don’t know that it’s actually working” etc. etc. Since it’s only my first two weeks, and the 163 is a good sign, and I’m DEFINITELY eating and drinking less, I’d like to continue with this protocol for at least another week.

How do I get my brain to shut up??