My Brain is Not Happy…

So I’ve got a B-I-G Impossible Dream for my new business. $1 Million in Revenue, 50% in Profit in 2018. And I’m “all-in” with the fails. In fact, my brain has seen that it’s not really THAT impossible once I did the math. But even a total fail might have me at $100K – which is still a huge win. But now that I’m “in the weeds” – my brain is having a hard time connecting today’s activities with the larger goal. For example, it’s like having an exciting goal of “Climbing Mount Everest” – but then seeing that on today’s To-Do list is … “Researching the best thermal socks to wear”. The big goal is exciting, the small daily steps TO the goal, not so much. How do you get motivated to do the often boring, mundane, could-be-pointless daily tasks … that seem so far disconnected from the larger, more exciting goal?

My brain is currently on strike today – choosing to buffer and delay – instead of taking action. It’s not that I can’t do the small tasks. It’s just that my brain isn’t seeing any direct connection (or maybe not seeing a quick return-on-investment) for the foundational work. It’s wanting “now pleasure” — while the goal is probably “way off happiness”. Maybe it’s because I’ve been systematically clipping all of the “now pleasure” … drinking, sugar, social media, etc. … and it’s pushing back. Not sure – but the buffering came roaring back with a vengence (food, gum, social media) and it’s a bit disconcerting. Any thoughts on this?

BTW – if anyone is listening, I would like to order a “switch” that you can flip – where your prefrontal cortex takes over permanently and the limbic system shuts the hell up. Maybe Santa can bring me that for Christmas. :/