Brain Question

I have discovered I have been living by listening to my primal brain much of the time. Is that the brain whose job is to keep us safe?  I always feel fear and stressed. I need to hurry, we are never going to have enough, I need to figure this out, this is a problem and I need to fix it etc. are just a few thoughts I have all day.

I have been trying to live more from my primitive brain (I think this is what it’s called?)  When I am in this place I feel instantly safe.  Here are two models.

C: money
T: I need to figure this out because we will never have enough
F: fear
A: stop what I am doing and immediately try to budget, look at our numbers, get a job, sell things, I go into problem solving mode etc. don’t look at the abundance of my, I ignore my family, I don’t think about my day or week or anything. Then I end up buying more things (I think to try to feel better!) All I do is focus on the apparent problem.
R: create a problem in my life to solve.  Is this the correct result?

C: money
T: everything will be fine
F: safe
A: relax and enjoy what I am presently doing, set aside a time to look at finances and see what our plan is, follow the financial plan. Get on with what’s important in my day like my family and health. Don’t spend time worrying, thinking of worst case scenarios, don’t make reactive decisions like new jobs, selling items I love etc.
R: create a reality where everything is fine.  Is this the correct result?

When I come from my primitive brain I notice the primal thoughts do get louder… this normal? Will they quiet down after awhile after it understands my primitive brain will also keep us safe?