Brain snaps back into "old" reactions like a rubberband?

Hi there – I’m learning to coach myself throughout the day as all kinds of thoughts arise and need to be managed, and I’m having great success! In fact, I had an absolutely triumphant day on Friday due to the way I managed my thoughts. It felt wonderful and incredibly powerful. What a blast! But when I was doing my thought download Saturday morning, I realized that my brain seemed to be flooded with panicky thoughts about my inadequacy, how I was going to be overwhelmed with following up on the great actions that happened on Friday, and how there was no way I could keep the momentum going. Clearly these were all just thoughts, but I was shocked at how my brain felt saturated by these thoughts. Downloading them helped enormously, and I was able to coach my thoughts back into alignment with what I wanted to accomplish during the day. (So: YAY! This stuff works!)

Anyway, here’s my question. The best way to describe what happened with my brain and my thoughts was that it felt like a rubberband snapping back into place after being stretched to the max. I coached myself successfully and then my brain tried to go right back to my old way of thinking. Is this to be expected? It felt like a pretty violent reaction, to be honest. Thanks for any help you can give me in understanding this.