Brainstorming ideas and overwhelm


I have been loving this months homework! I’ve decided my purpose is to live my most creative life.

While brainstorming ideas I start to feel overwhelmed and frantic. I think this is coming from the thought that I am not doing enough to live my purpose, or someone else will have this idea and do it before I do. In the past I have often compared myself to other artists and designers and used the anxiety that comes from the thoughts of “not doing enough” or “someone else will do this before me” as motivation. I feel some relief from my models but would love feedback on other angles to take. Thanks!!

C – brainstorming ideas
T – I’m not doing enough/as much as this other artist
F – Frantic, sense of urgency, anxious, not worthy of calling myself an artist, jealous
A – I buffer with social media, indulge in overwhelm, procrastinate
R – I don’t end up achieving any of my ideas/I end up not doing as much as other artists!

C – brainstorming ideas
T – I am already living my purpose
F – At ease, comfort
A – I am strategic about what ideas I take on
R – I can make decisions from a place of clarity and wanting to do what is the most fun and I continue to live in alignment