Bread and Butter – my downfall!

Ok. So here goes. I love bread and butter. I can eat a whole loaf. I substitute with rice thins (crackers) but when I start I can’t stop. I love the process of getting out the bread and slicing it, chiding the right knife and getting the butter just the right thickness – even if it takes me a few slices….. oh my goodness!! I have never thought through this before…. no wonder I am battling!
OK. So:
C: I eat bread and butter
T: yum yum
F: delicious pleasure and indulgence (something I rarely “allow”)
A: keep eating
R: run out of bread!
This happens every few days. Grrrr.
I am fighting myself. I push myself to achieve and restrict and then I collapse into self indulgence. I know you give us so many examples of how to overcome this but I am still missing something here. I have been in scholars nearly a year and I am telling myself I can’t even get the basics right.