Break up with friends ?

I’m supposed to meet with 4 girlfriends on Tuesday for dinner. These friends have been in my life over 10 years now and we get together once a month.  I don’t want to go Tuesday.

If I’m honest, I would go out of obligation as it’s been a tradition for over a decade. But I do not enjoy it as I used to. Typically, (I know this sounds judgmental of me) they just want to sit around and complain about their current situation. The conversation is not about growth or positive things (for the most part).

I know I’m wasting time and energy in indecision. I do value their friendship and care about them. But I have 4 young kids now and work full + plus hours – I just don’t feel it’s a good use of my time. I know coaches would tell me to just make a damn decision already and have my own back – but each time I think I made one, I change my mind the next day. Please help!

C-dinner with friends
T-I don’t want to go
A-Spin on what to do and second guess myself
R-Ruminate, change my mind constantly, stay in indecision.