Breaking one commitment to keep another

I am doing the 8 pounds a month weight-loss webinar and I am following Brooke’s suggestions. I am doing intermittent fasting. I made my plan for my day of what I would eat. I also have decided not to eat past 7 PM. Today, I lost track of time I had a lot of things going on and ended up not getting all my food in before 7 PM. Now one of the things that Brooke mentioned was to keep our commitments to ourselves by eating everything that we have on our plan or protocol. My question is do we eat everything on our protocol and then violate the intermittent fasting plan window ? I ended up eating all of my food at 7:38 PM. However, I am feeling a lot of guilt because while I honored my commitment to myself to eat everything’s that I have on my plan, I also broke my commitment to myself to not eat past 7 PM. Please let me know your thoughts.