Breaking my protocol but I’ve learnt so much

So I had a great experience over the last few days about the power of my thoughts which I wanted to share

Work has been really demanding (I work in a corporate planning job) and for a number reasons I’ve chosen to work lots (and lots) of extra hours. The bad news is that my eating protocol has suffered and for the first time since January I’ve been eating flour and sugar, skipping meals and I even put on a kilo (2 pounds)..

The good news is that I’ve chosen to manage my thoughts about this and use it as a motivator to recommit and pre-empt a solution to a problem of not eating to protocol and taking care of myself when I decide to focus on work.
C Extra work hours and less free time
T This is part of my life sometimes and part of the reason how I add value in my job (and why they pay me well and give me flexibility other times of year)
F Calm
A Recommit to my protocol and further weight loss. Identify healthy food delivery company and ironing lady for next time I decide to dial up my hours
R Back on track with weight loss and self care

Another really interesting part of this experience is realising how much harder intermittent fasting is when I’ve eaten flour and sugar the day before…. When I eat them I wake up hungry and am ‘starving’ by 10.30aam. If I don’t, it gets to 12 noon or 12.30 and I have to remind myself to go and get lunch!!