Hi Brooke!!!
As I am sitting here at my computer trying to calendar all my to-do’s to for the month and seemingly not being able to, I started running various models. I ran about 6 before something clicked; my anxiety regarding failure. I’ve had anxiety since I was a child and always put pressure on myself to succeed and as I entered high school, that pressure was compounded by my father’s expectations of me to succeed as well. As I entered my 20’s, I buffered big time with alcohol, but still managed somehow to graduate from university with a degree. I never ended up using it but I have a career I really love and now have to do the work I never wanted to do to move forward in my business because of my anxiety. I realize now in my early 40’s that through this process of setting a goal for the month that I am allowing myself to indulge in my anxiety and have been for a VERY long time. Now that I am aware and can run models on it everyday; I am the only one who can manage it and can finally move forward with my calendaring because even if my calendaring isn’t perfect, it’s ok and I can just learn from it and move on. I just want to say thank you so so so much for allowing me to get to this level of awareness and finally move forward with this month’s topic. LOVE IT!!! xoxo