Breakthrough Moment!

Not really a question – but rather a response to coaching I have received. Over the weekend I got up early and started bringing out the Christmas decorations. My hubby was still asleep and my daughter was watching her I-pad. As I hauled items up and down the stairs I felt myself getting resentful that *I* was doing all the work while they relaxed. All of the sudden, without having to struggle or strive for it, my thought became, I don’t have to do this either. I could go back to bed or watch TV, but I am CHOOSING not to because THIS is what I want to do right now. Accomplishing something is way more fun for me that sitting on my rear end. I felt the resentment move through me and contentment settle in. Maybe a small shift for some, but HUGE for me. Now my house is decorated, which I love, and I am not resentful of my family for not choosing the same behavior that I did. We all had the morning we wanted. Yay!