Breakthrough moment!

I listened to your last podcast yesterday and something you said really resonated with me! I have been peer coached recently on the idea I have that I need to be certified to be a legitimate coach. And after that I’d like to be master certified to be “really” legitimate. (and then after that I still felt like there might be something missing!) She tried to help me see that an email telling me I’m all of a sudden certified in that moment isn’t going to change my feelings about being legitimate. I didn’t really believe her, but wanted to.

Then on your podcast you talked about your photographer and how much you enjoyed the experience of taking pictures, even more than the receiving the actual photos at the end (which is really why you were doing it in the first place!). I loved that analogy so much. I thought–YES, this is how I want to feel about my experience in certifying! I can see now that I can look at my certification at the end as a “photo” that I had enjoyed being in. And I can smile and enjoy the journey! Because even though “being certified” is WHY I am doing all the things I’m currently doing, in the end I know it’s just a formality and I can live RIGHT NOW feeling like I’ve already achieved it. I am now able to let go of the mindset that I have to be certified to be worth anything as a coach. I already am worthy!! So thank you so much for that analogy, it was mind changing. xox Sarah