Breakthrough overshare?

I’ve been having breakthroughs with my goals and I can’t help but share what I’m excited about and the areas of struggle. I can’t help but talk about the things I’m working on and I love to chat with others who are getting goals done too. However, I have found that I have two friends who aren’t receptive to this. They either want to talk about their problems with no room for talking about goals and if they do want to talk about goals they like to stay in the talk phase and never move past to massive action. In the past I find myself people pleasing and shrinking because of fear of making my friends feel bad. I thought maybe this was all in my head until a friend told me she was tired of hearing me talk about a program I’m launching.

I don’t want to people please and shrink so others can feel better. I want to show up 100% me, but is that really possible to be 100% me all the time? Or is it more appropriate to tailor my conversation to fit the person I’m with?