Breakthrough on my “there’s never enough time/I never accomplish enough” beliefs

Hello, brilliant lady! I feel like I finally got a handle on how to think differently about the time in the day and how much I accomplish. I’ve been struggling with anxiety over not accomplishing enough in each day, despite working my butt off and not taking much time for relaxation.

So I did my unintentional model:
C: time and goals
T: I am not moving fast enough toward goals
F: anxiety
A: waste time panicking, freeze up, white-knuckle it through daily activities
R: produce work that isn’t as good as it could be

Then I put calmly productive in the F line and brainstormed thoughts to generate that feeling. Here is what I came up with:

Time passing is no reason to panic; time will always pass. Taking my time to complete tasks thoughtfully is a way to learn and grow. I accept the passage of time, knowing that I choose to do wonderful things with it. It is magnificent what I choose to do with my time. Iā€™m so grateful that I have time for joy and relaxation.

Awesome, right! I feel like I can use these thoughts to generate calm, committed feelings and produce better work as a result. Thanks!