Breakup Coach

My business has not started, and I feel like that is due partly to me not feeling qualified to be a “breakup” coach because I have an ex I’m not over. I know this thought is neither helpful nor true.


– I need to be an example of what’s possible and I’m not
– I can’t help others if I’m not even doing it myself
– I’m a fake
– People can see I’m not over my ex
– I’m not credible
– I need to heal fully before I help
– I can help others just not myself


– I can use the tools to help people (not strong belief)
– Some days I’m doing really good and have so many insights to help
– I don’t need to heal first
– It’s normal these thoughts reoccur

I see these thoughts holding me back and the cognitive dissonance at the idea of something different. However, I have no results with working in my business with clients.

I’m so annoyed at myself right now for being how I am. I’m so tired of not creating results. Three years into thought work and I’m still not creating and following the tools. I’m still not making results although I have progress.

C: Found thought work august of 19 and it’s 2022
T: By now I should have more results
F: Mad
A: Judge myself. Sulk. Avoid myself. Sh*t talk myself shame and rush myself into perfectionist unachievable plans. Fail at those
R: I don’t create more results