Breakup Fog + Impossible Goal

Hi there –

I have 2 things going on at once, and am not quite sure how to prioritize and manage my feelings and models during this time.

The first thing is that I am going through a breakup — I spent the last long while (a year or so) focusing on Brooke’s concept of ‘love it before you leave it.’ The main conflict is that there’s an age difference between us — I want kids, and he feels he’s past that point in his life. We do love each other, and I’ve been really successful in loving everything about him, even the fact that he doesn’t want things I want, which means we don’t really have a compatible future. However, I’m finding the process of ending it so painful, specifically because there is so much love there. I’m allowing all the feelings, but I feel a lot of grief, and am more dazed throughout my day than usual. Any suggestions on moving through this breakup? Should I be doing thought work on it daily?

Which leads to the 2nd part of the question. I did the work last month on the Impossible Goal. I have mine, and have my actions that I need to take this year. I feel energetically distracted by my breakup and don’t quite know how to be in the process of an Impossible goal while simultaneously going through the grieving process for this relationship. Should I allow feeling + take the actions I laid out for myself anyway? Any suggestions on this?

Many thanks.