Breast Augmentation Surgery

Hi Brooke! I am the VIP whom you coached on the breast augmentation surgery. I DID IT! Evidently I didn’t die lol and honestly it was exactly what i needed in so many different aspects. I needed the rest from exercise, i needed the rest from my kids, i needed to be on the post-op sodium restriction. The sodium restriction was the key in me loosing 4 extra pounds! And to think one of my fears of the surgery was the thought of weight gain! Also, i discovered i was getting dopamine hits from salt. Even though i am no sugar, no flour, i was still overeating and being in this low sodium “diet” (as directed by the surgeon) it has really taken the pleasure completely out of eating and now i eat just for fuel. Anyways, wanted to share how amazing it feels to be “on the other side”. I am so happy i went with despite my thoughts and now i am thinking “i cannot believe i almost did not do this!” Thanks again for your amazing work!