Breast Implants

I had a one on one coaching session to sort out an issue in my head and we ran out of time and now I am more confused than ever. The recurring thought that I have is that my partner would be more satisfied with my body if I had bigger breasts.

I am in the process of getting breast implant surgery. My partner likes big breasts. Fact. I don’t have them. Fact. Therefore I am getting surgery.

Would I be getting the surgery if my partner didn’t love big breasts? No. But he does. And I want to be as physically attractive as possible to him. Because that is very important to me. So do I think I will love my body more post surgery? Yes.

The coach asked if I was good enough for me. I can’t answer that question without taking in to account my partner’s preferences. I see that that is the problem but I can’t see how to fix it. I’ve never had an issue with my breasts before but that is because none of my previous partners have liked big breasts.

If my partner and I were to break up I think that my body would be more attractive with implants to other potential partners for sure. Unless of course I met someone who doesn’t like big breasts.

But my partner and I are together for life. We have children together and we love each other deeply. He thinks I’m sexy just as I am but he also thinks I would be hotter with bigger breasts. I know this because I forced him to admit it.

I want to have the surgery. But I want to like my reasons for doing so. Ultimately I have decided to have it because of his preference but I also think it will benefit me by making me more attractive in general. So I think it’s a win win.

Am I missing something?