Breast Size

My partner has told me on numerous occasions that he loves big breasts. I have small ones. He tells me thinks I’m sexy and hot but I can’t get rid of the thought that he is ‘missing out’ or not satisfied or is ‘settling’ because I don’t have big breasts. I used to have super high body confidence, I’m slim, I keep in good shape, I’m pretty. And I still think those things I just now don’t think I’m 100% attractive to my partner because he loves big breasts.

I have done loads of models but I’ve realized the reason they’re not working is because my C line isn’t neutral. When I put ‘my partner says he loves big breasts’ in the C line there is nothing about that that is neutral to me.

Yes I know it is. All circumstances are. But I don’t believe it.

What thoughts can I practice to try and help me believe the C is neutral?