Bridge belief and massive action

Hi Brooke
I started this month’s work with wanting to believe – “My retirement finances are in perfect order”. They aren’t at present but that has been my overarching goal since starting in January with SCS. So my new sentence was basically that and a couple of others like: “We will always live in abundance” and “There will always be more than enough money”. I have uncovered fears of scarcity and feelings of shame about haphazard financial management up to this point in my life. After about the first week of this new sentence/belief, I felt that it was too far out of view and that I needed a bridge sentence, so I changed to “Our finances are exactly where they should be today.” So far, I am able to work with that better but I have two questions:
1) Would it be better to stick with the original new belief and push myself through or is this a reasonable bridge approach?
2) When working with either the bridge or the original sentence, I am having trouble with coming up with massive action. I have tepid things like – evaluate all of our spending, or – have regular meetings with our financial advisor. But I feel like I am missing something, or I am not quite understanding the massive action piece. What would you suggest?

I so appreciate this program that you have created –
Thanks so much!