Bridge Suggestions or questions to think about

Hi there,
I had a brief 10 min tutoring session a few days ago and wanted to share my current model as I am struggling with coming up with some additional “bridge thoughts” to start telling myself/questions to make self think deeper or think of this in a different way.

*My parents rejected bf’s proposal a few months ago and told him not to tell me. I have been working with an individual therapist outside of SCS prior to joining and she recommended family therapy. Per their preference, they are having a session alone with her tonight to discuss concerns/set up for a family session (they will be informed that I know of the proposal which they do not currently know I know). My concern is that we are going on a 10 day family vacation and I feel very fearful/somehow ashamed to see them, not knowing what they might think/if they might ask specific details such as when he told me (be upset he told me etc)–I know I cannot control them.

But one of the core models we briefly did was this:
C: Vacation with parents for 10 days after they have session w/ therapist
TH: I am not in control of my own life
F: out of control, helpless, anxious
A: make choices based on what I think my parent’s want/pleases them, not stand up for my relationship (affecting it), overeat to buffer, biggest one-AVOID communication with my parents, never talking about my relationship (likely contributing to their lack of understanding about it)
R: I lose my power and am not taking control of my own life

C: Vacation with parents for 10 days after they have session w/ therapist
TH: They are not learning anything completely shocking, they already know he asked to propose because they were there
F: a little less anxious
A: feeling my feelings vs overeating, set up the session w/ therapist with them vs avoided doing so
R: what has been previously not communicated will be brought to light, enabling a pathway toward better communication/understanding vs silence

Just freaking out a bit anxiety wise about seeing them in 2 days, I think above unintentional is my underlying core model driving most of it, but any other suggestions on bridges or new models to run with certain thoughts to get me thinking other thoughts etc are GREATLY appreciated!! And for anyone who hasn’t done the 10 min session–I was pretty shocked how helpful it was in just 10 tiny minutes! (I did sign up for a full session as well, but won’t be until AFTER this trip, so greatly appreciate the help!)