Bridge thought help

I have finally arrived at a thought that I think is happening when I buffer with food. Here is a model. But I’d like some help coming up with an intentional model to use to begin to change the default thinking.
Unintentional model:
C – food is in my presence
T – there’s food; I have to eat it because it’s there
F – uncomfortable, desperate, important/urgent
A – creates desire, creates distraction from living in the moment, can’t focus
R – eat as fast as possible

Intentional model:
C – food is in my presence
T – ?
F – Calm, unbothered, focused
A – make decision about whether I’m hungry or not
R – choose to eat or not based on whether I’m hungry

For some reason when I’m around food my brain thinks it has to have some and can’t settle down.
I think some of the thought habit comes from childhood and growing up with large family and somewhat scarcity.
Thank you for your help.