Bridge Thoughts

Can your new thought be a statement or thought of awareness about what you don’t want to think…?


Current Model
C- Elderly parents require support
T- She wants to take over and always be right ( there are more thoughts around similar circumstances)..F, A & R are similar
F- Inferior
A- Avoid my sister, ruminate negative thoughts about us both, look for more evidence of this why she would think I was inferior..what I hadn’t done right
R- I disconnect from my sister (and sometimes my parents) and don’t be the person I want to be..I sometimes temporarily give up on myself OR i over compensate and agree with everything she says and do everything she says…

This has probably been going on for ages…and so I am struggling to get a positive thought that I can believe..I love my sister…but the other thoughts are running a mock over that……and the positive ones when I try them on I cant really own them yet…

So can I think …
C- Elderly parents require support
T- I don’t want to think thoughts about being in competition with my sister or…I don’t want to think negative thoughts about my sister….
F- Calm
A- I would want to maintain this thought and this feeling and so would practice it, I would think better thoughts about myself and feel better about myself, I would talk more to my sister
R- I would be more connected to my sister and see that we are both individuals helping my parents

I think perhaps I need some help with this model…

Thank you