Bridge thoughts about cellulite :)

Hi Brooke !
Thanks so much for your answer to my question about cellulite. (Ugh, just typing the word makes me cringe.)
I want to reach the place where my thought about it is “I love my cellulite”.
It feels very foreign still, and I wonder if you have some bridge thoughts to offer — I imagine the advice would apply to any physical feature someone doesn’t like in themselves.
Would you recommend I move along the line of “Cellulite is just a normal trait in female bodies” and “I am a normal woman with some cellulite”?
Or would you use some of the modifiers you’ve recently offered, such as “I find my cellulite unattractive and that’s OK” or “I’m committed to loving my cellulite at some point in the future?”
I admit it feels very inconsequential to talk about, but I realize it is one of the very few things I dislike about my body right now, so why not work on loving the whole package?
Thank you!