Bridge thoughts for judgement and weight loss plan

Hi Brooke,
Thank you for this amazing program- I feel that I’m growing so much in one short month! In that growth, I am working on weight loss (the last ten pounds). I’m noticing that I’m having resistance to following my plan or even writing down a plan some days because of my thoughts about judgement from other people. For example: “if I don’t eat dairy other people will think I’m too restrictive and crazy,” “if I have only one joy eat then other people will think I’m no fun” “if I don’t eat what so-and-so brought or what everyone else is eating people will like me less/judge me”. The other insidious thoughts are “I deserve this treat” and maybe even disbelief that I can actually get to my goal weight and disbelief about how I will look and feel.

I’m having a hard time getting to the thoughts that will serve me – do you have recommendations for bridge thoughts? Thank you! -Bee