Bridge thoughts / telephone support

In reviewing my past week(s), I notice that there are some tasks that I always procrastinate. Mainly, making phone calls to schedule things, or to the bank, or other kinds of tasks that I think are going to be a serious pain. I’d like to think differently about these things so that I might actually be able to get them done. Some of my main thoughts are “this is going to take forever” “nothing ever goes right” or “this isn’t going to be easy”.

C making phone calls
T this isn’t going to be easy
F desire to procrastinate
A don’t make phone calls
R I make the task more difficult by not just doing it


C making phone calls
T this is going to take forever
F impatient
A reschedule for another day when I have “more time” (ie: never)
R this task continues to take literally forever

I think the feeling I need to cultivate in order to actually do these tasks is patience and trusting that it will all work out.

T Maybe this won’t take as long as I’m anticipating
F patient
A methodically make the necessary phone calls and get them done
R phone calls are done

Well, I don’t quite believe that “phone calls are no big deal, it will all work out!”. I can get to a bridge, though, to say that ‘maybe this won’t be as bad as I’m anticipating.”

T maybe this won’t be as bad as I’m anticipating
F open
A be more patient with telephone support
R phone calls are done

What are the best resources we have for coming up with bridge thoughts?

Thank you!