Bridging thoughts in relationships

Hello Brooke,

I was just doing a thought download because I have experienced some heartbreak in a relationship (actually in all my love relationships I have had so far), and while re-reading my thought download, one thought kind of hit me.

“I always want what I cannot have”. I created a model and I am not sure what new thought to create to help me with this.

C – sitting at my desk and doing a thought download

T – I always want what I cannot have

F – determined to get him

A – doing everything in my power to get it

R – get him, but ending up heart broken because I am always attracted to men that cannot commit to me, and even though I do have them in the end I get hurt

I am trying to figure out how to change the model. Should I start with the result?

C – sitting at my desk and brainstorming goals for the new year

T – I want to develop better relationship

F – hopeful

A – brainstorming for the impossible goal for 2019

R – set a new goal

I realize that the problem is my own thoughts about myself – I don’t think I am worthy of a stable, loving relationship or better yet I don’t know how to get one.

I think there is a big jump from the first model to the intentional model, and I need some help with some bridging thoughts.

Thank you.
Happy Holidays!