Bring it on

So I had a big ahaha.

I was making people complaining and pushing back a C line.

In reality, both are thoughts related to a circumstance which is is people saying words .

Is that accurate?

So whether it is my husband and his views on money or child raising, or whether it is a client or a trainee, I can learn to listen with love.

It is a little scary, in a butt clenching sort of way, and also exciting. If I can actually do this, it would be amazing. (I’ve already had glimpses of my doing this.)

Here is my question.

In working through this, I can feel myself “looking over there” loving the complainers, etc. Which has me see what I have now as not good enough.

It is motivating and inspiring me, so is the “not good enough” all that bad?

I’ve heard coaches say, that if there is not enough then there won’t be enough anytime.

I understand that, so would some steps include
Feeling the result I want, Love what I do have now. See the evidence for that?

I certainly have enough material to love now 🙂